Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Solo act

Every man accumulates a great deal of regret during his life so plan on grabbing your share. That being said you may now shake off the petty fear that would make you hesitate in words of actions. Decide that you are going to go through life unafraid of people and you will quickly learn how to size them up. Nurture the wheat that reaches for the sun and mow down the weed who's only purpose is to stop the achievement of the hesitant.

Strive to walk with firm steps because often those who do are people who many chose to follow. Not all can see as clear as others and need a clear path. That is what defines leadership. Some follow because they see clearly and some follow who are not sure. It is the latter who need the greatest talent of a true leader so strive to bring those people along and that is how you will measure your success.

Do not give blind devotion to those who lead you. Always challenge them to define their path and search for consistency of action. Their goals are not always your goals. Their journey's end is not necessarily yours. Do not be surprised to end up following one who followed you for a time. It is the greatest compliment to you that one strove to surpass your mark and it is good that somebody else carries the burden for a time. You will gain the satisfaction when that person pauses to seek your counsel.

Learn that sometimes if you get to the goal alone, you have failed.

Learn that sometimes if you do not get there first, you have not failed.

Learn that if you carried somebody to the goal it means that you are stronger than those who got there ahead of you.

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