Saturday, February 18, 2006

San Francisco

I promised her that I would finish the journey for both of us. For all three of us and the next day I laid her and our unborn child to rest. The call of the wolves behind haunted me even as San Francisco came into sight. The city is so big that we saw the it's glow for two nights before reaching the city limits on the third day at dusk.

The streets smell of vomit and animal mess and the hotel smells of cigar and liquor. We left a family farm in Virginia to find a farm in the vastness of California. A place of our own where we could grow.

Instead I left her behind in the hell of cold and snow they call the rocky mountains.

Now I've come to the end of the trail that I curse. I have a revolver in my hand and one more journey to make.

You're all over the place lately. What are you working on?
It's a series of ficticious past life experiences inspired by my links list people.

When I'm done I MAY reveal who inspired what but then again I may not.
Is this more samples of your writing?

Aah, from comment above I see that it is. Inspired by your links list people? As in the people linked on your blog? Very interesting.......
It seems I have missed quite a lot being away from blog-land... but I like this little stories. Snippets of mysterious events... I like!
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