Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic news

Gold medal winning speed skater Joey Cheek has donated his $25,000 bonus given to him by the U.S. Olympic Committee to a charity that aids the children of the Darfur region. Cheek also challanged his sponsors to match the donation.

Cheek quoted his mother.

"Not to have good intentions, but to do good things".

Cheek plans to visit the Darfur region.

source: CNN.com

That's nice!
The name Cheek makes me think of a customer I helped at work the other day. She paid with Visa, and I didn't notice her name until I checked her signed receipt afterwards. The name on her Visa card (which shows up on the receipt) was: Cheek Bun Chen. I kid you not. How do you get a name like that?!?!
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