Monday, February 20, 2006

OKAY this is today's rage. Ten groups. One is not in my CD collection. The person who guesses first gets a free tire rotation at Pep Boys in Wausau, Wisconsin.

1. AC/DC
2. Live
3. Kiss
4. Isley Brothers
5. Anita Baker
6. Billy Joel
7. Alicia Keys
8. Julio Iglesias
9. James Brown
10. Tina Turner

err... Julio Iglesias??
please, tell me it's Julio Iglesias
I own a Julio Iglesias CD titled "America". The album was released way back in the mid 70's when he was young (obviously) and is a very good Spanish language CD.

It reminds me of a woman I knew back then and my wife knows that so needless to say it doesn't get played very much.

My wife hates Julio, She likes a singer named Roberto Carlos who in those days was regarded as Julio's rival even though the two of them got along pretty good together.

Now they're both old and gross shadows of what they used to be in their heyday.

Madelyn got it right.
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