Sunday, February 05, 2006

More work tidbits

Today for whatever reason there was a surplus of women donning pants printed with designs that gave me the impression that they were going to play golf.................................on Jupiter.

A kid puked in my line today. Poor guy. But it reminded me of the time one of my kids puked without warning. My daughter sat up in bed one time and puked. I asked her if she knew it was coming and when she replied yes I told her that the next time she puked in bed (and she pretty much coated the bed with vomit) she could just lay back down and go to sleep in the mess. The alternative I explained, was to get up and make it to the bathroom. She never puked in bed again. Anywho I gave this kid's mother a bunch of kleenex and she cleaned the kid up. THEN she stretches her puke soaked klennex holding hand to me and asks if I have a garbage in my booth. Yeah, I wanna smell that all day. I pointed to the trash can across the room.

I saw a guy named Drave today. I mention this because it amazes me how Canadians come up with names for their kids. This guy was American so I tell you this to kind of balance things out. I wonder how many times this guy has had to say "no, DRave" in his life.

One of our security guards told me I look younger with my hair short. I've decided to shave my head and hit the meat market in downtown Vancouver next weekend. Now if I could only shave this gut.

Two Earl's girls came by. I LOVE Earl's girls. Almost as much as I love Earl's chowder.

I'd been mulling over what to get the wife for Valentine's Day when she mentioned that the oil in her car needs to be changed. Problem solved!

Boy, we'll just call you mister romance, won't we?
so what if my idea of foreplay is driving home on a bumpy road
i say buy her a bottle of oil and a bottle of perfume too. xx
she IS out of that chanel body lotion. I'll have to bounce down to the duty free shop on the border. THANKS chloe!

Haha, your job sounds so entertaining! Look at all the material you get! You must really see all kinds.

About V-Day, I 2nd Chloe's suggestion of perfume. You can't go wrong there. And maybe, I'd even go as far as to top it off with a nice bouquet of roses...unless she's one of those women that prefers receiving unexpected flowers rather than flowers that are dictated by society...but then, I think all women like flowers no matter what the occasion.
Oh oh and a little note telling her how much you love her with a few specific examples as to why.

...she could just lay back down and go to sleep in the mess.

Classic, I am so using that one.
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