Wednesday, February 08, 2006

More winter Olympic stuff

I've met Jerome Iginla and every time I see him we talk for about five or ten minutes. Rarely about hockey, mostly about our families. I will tell you that Jerome is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When he sees that kids have spotted him he usually goes over to talk to them because he knows that most are too nervous to come talk to him.

This next story happened in Salt Lake City during the 2004 Olympics.

Jerome had just finished dinner at the restaurant in his hotel when he was approached by four avid Canadian hockey fans from Calgary. Of course they were excited to see him and told him that they had gotten tickets to the gold medal hockey game. The game was a few days off so Jerome asked where the guys were staying. One guy replied that they had spent all their money on the tickets (which had to be at least $500 a piece) so they were just sleeping in the car they had driven down from Calgary.

Jerome told the four guys to wait for him and that he would be right back. When Jerome appeared again he handed the guys keys to a room in the hotel. Jerome had gone and gotten these guys a room and had paid for it. A room in Salt Lake during the Olympics which we all know was not cheap for guys he had never met, but guys who were Canadian hockey fans from Calgary.

So next time that Jerome scores on your team you can accept it just a little better OR when you see him get in a fight you can listen close and hear me yelling, "kick his ass Iggy"!!

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