Sunday, February 05, 2006

Monday's weather forecast for the lower mainland is rain. It's a certainty boys and girls. How can I be so sure? Easy, I have a tee time for 11:20 at Point Roberts.

For those of you not living in the Vancouver area this picture looks a lot like the course at Point Roberts.

Makes me want to watch Happy Gilmore.
zona is that you playing there?
No that isn't me. To update. I was wrong about the weather. No rain so we played. Cold, hard to stay loose weather. I was hitting the snot out of the 3 wood but the rest of the game was all over the place. Made a few good putts. It's like my buddy said. It's preseason.
first of all, you are not aloud to bitch about even having the slightest of chances to play golf in february.

i live in saskatchewan. green fairways, no matter how rain soaked, would still make my day.

and it's all winter pregnancies from now on, i don't need a belly getting in the way of the club championships come august/sept.
I wanted to copy and paste this here just to be sure you read it....

my comment about barbies was not directed at you - i would never disrespect you or your wife like that. It was just me being me and generalizing.

I realize that a lot of dogs live outdoors, but it just breaks my heart because everytime I think of that I picture my dogs living outside without being allowed it. I just think it would be lonely nights for her/him. I know that you are a fantastic person with great character and I know you would give your dog an amazing life, but I just don’t agree with the outside rule. I’m allowed my opinion.

My comment was for those jackasses that aren’t worthy of caring for any living being, let alone a dog, that tie them up outside and completely ignore them like they are extremely cheap and dispensable home security systems with four feet and a heart beat. THEY are the ones that should get a hobby, not you.

I’m sorry if I offended you, that was most definitely not my intention. I say a lot of things that offend a lot of people, I’m sure, but I would prefer you not be one of them.

Humblest apologies.

No hard feelings???..
Awww...well I missed what went on at Jenny's but that's an awfully sweet response. I say forgive her Zona. ;)
I was never offended by Jenny
Jenny's a sweetie Binsk. I posted a nice comment on her blog and we're cool. Not that we were ever bad
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