Sunday, February 12, 2006

A look
A touch
A feeling inside
The feel of warm skin
The sense of warm spirit
Like the caress
Of a breeze
Through a meadow
On a carefree afternoon
Late summer
Carrying all those things
Through long absence
As if a beacon
To guide me home again
To want her in my arms
Keeps them full
To feel her in the night
Keeps me safe
My love
My life
My Valentine

yeah yeah it's early, but when inspiration comes...
... and where is this inspiration coming from? :-)

(a reply to your comment)-
zona: I thought you did that well! I was sitting here, thinking about the "magnificent irony" then drifted to Masai children which made me think of that book about a Masai woman (I think it's called) then went on thinking about the possibility of going to Africa on my next holiday.

So, a really, really good comment!
damn girl. I wish I was half as traveled as you. maybe a lottery win. The key word to my travels were that to happen.... TRAINS
what else will I do with all my holidays? :-)
this poem is heart-rendering,
heart felt longing.

Lovely. It would be hard not to fall for someone who wrote something like this for me. Can you write something for my valentine? Naw, then its not personal and from my heart.
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