Monday, February 20, 2006

I've taken a lot of shit for a lot of women but Dana Delaney is the only one I'd take a bullet for.

Who is she?
I've never heard of her either!
Yes, I think a synopsis is required.
Who is this cutie?
She, simply put, is the woman who's dreams are filled with me, who's every heartbeat pulses for me, and who's soft lips yearn for me.

She was in

China Beach (TV)
Exit to Eden (bad movie but full frontal of her)

and others.

My favorite quote from her was when she was interviewed after a trip to the amazon.

"I loved it. You can feel the sweat between your legs."
I loved her on the L Word. It was a nice little guest spot.
She was just on The L Word...she is a very attractive woman!
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