Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ghost story

The wind whips through the windows
The curtains are long gone
I watched them pass to the ages
Like I watched her dress
Her long brown hair
The tear down her cheek

A young bride and a soldier long gone
Still fighting the war
In the far off death filled trenches
Never any word
Of his ending
Or his resting place

She waits to see him crest the hill
To walk down the path
I thought she would go to him
But she waits here
And I wait too
She seems so sure

She slipped over to my world
On a sunny summer's day
She left the curtains drawn
But she can't leave
Lest he return
To lie with her

She gazes in my direction
Asking without speaking
I beckon her to come with me
She turns away
Lest he return
To lie with her

I beckon her to come to me
She turns away
lest he return to lie with her.

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