Friday, February 10, 2006

The games are OPEN!!!

I LOVE the Olympics. I just watched the opening ceremony live on the CBC. (Canadian Broadcast) I love CBC's coverage, for the most part, because it just craps over the coverage of whichever US network has'em.

I love that they showed ALL the countries walk in to the stadium. Congrats go to the Mongolian team for having the best hats.

Now on with the games.

Of course I cheer for the Americans but I LOVE to see the underdogs win. I love to see any athlete win their country's first ever medal. I love to see any medal winner get emotional on the stand because that's true heart and soul. I love that they show the performance of an athlete from a country that has no real winter sports and see that the crowd gives them the biggest ovation because that's true love for your fellow man.

Toss the politics, toss the commentary, toss the fashion, toss the ratings games.

Show us the games!

Show us the new heroes!

I forgot to mention. Best flame lighting ever!
This is one of those times when I am sad that I don't own a television. I love watching the opening ceremonies.
What Olympics? Oh yeah. Ha. Haven't started watching them yet....
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