Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An explanation

For those of you who have not read all the comments, I am currently working on short stories of fictional past lives. Some are much shorter than others but I feel they are all complete. I'm the main character and one of the people on my links is the support player.

It's fun but hard sometimes. I try to get a feel of each of you from your blogs and then dream up a story of me and you in another life. Of course, as you have seen one is a song and one consists of petroglyphs.

I think I have like eight more to do. All of these stories were given titles except for the petroglyphs.

When I am done I may list the titles and who the story is about or who I am talking about. That depends on you guys. I am kind of nervous about doing that because of how I value all of you and certainly don't want my work interpreted wrongly.

Feel free to guess while I write away. At the end I will tell you if you were right.

All the works are my own creation and any similarity to any actual person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental.

Wow! Just like them movie fellas say!

I will tell you that Solo Act is part of a speech I gave to a group of military academy cadets in 1915. I was invited to speak because I had taken part in Pershing's incursion into Mexico and I was an alumni of that fine institution.

PS. I know who the story is based on BEFORE I start it. So don't think I write and then decide who fits the character.
Please feel free to write on me as this will certainly amuse and entertain moi.
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