Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The US hockey team was eliminated at the Olympics today by Finland.

Does anybody know how Canada did?

I'm bummed for the Canadians too because I actually know more of Team Canada's players than Team USA's.

I watched the men's parallel snowboard slalom races.


I discovered that the red course was giving the boarders trouble because the commentators pointed that out on EVERY race.

But those guys don't no anything because the two guys I actually saw fall were on the BLUE course when they fell.

The racers looked really old! No long hair. No iPods. Stubby facial hair growth to show that they weren't the prepubescent types that rule the half pipe and cross snowboard events.

And how about that Winnepegger Cindy Klassen?

Four medals, more than any other Canadian in one Winter Olympics, with one event to go.

I'm a Winterpegger! Maybe not a Winnerpegger, but who's counting.

I didn't even know the US was out too. Damn.
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