Monday, January 16, 2006

So I'm listening to this song over and over like a calming chant as I sit on a hill top overlooking my life.

People are walking up to me and talking but I cannot hear them. They look at me frustrated and I feel a wry smile on my face. This seems to be my time and they are all on their own for the time being.

I have a sunrise on my right and a sunset on my left. Distant storms are like incense to me blowing the smell of rain stirring the desert dust.

My life is a great plain that I see laid out in front of me and a valley that I feel behind me. I see and feel love and error from all sides yet I remain calm and constant.

Breath fills my lungs and flows back out rhythmically.

What is at my back has seemingly turned it's back on me also and when I turn around I see that yes, that is true.

The conflict is to call out. The fear that some of it, and some of it is very important to me, will not acknowledge and turn around.

I am warm.

I am nourished.

Those in front of me have stopped talking and gone about doing other things.

The music is right inside of my forehead causing my head to bow.

I rock gently from side to side.

My left hand swirls back and forth as my fingers draw the vertical eight sign that symbolizes eternity.

wow that was so beautiful!
meditation. it does a body good.
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