Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I stole this from Vesper. Since I love music I decided to do this. I added some questions. (10a 15-18)

1. What song are you listening to now?

Actually there are seven playing and I promise I set them up on my media player BEFORE I read Vesper. I'm home, sick today so I thought I'd let the ladies sing to me.

Annie Lennox, Why
Tori Amos, Winter
Sarah Maclachlan, Possession
Tori Amos, I Can't See New York
Heart, Nada One
Jann Arden, Will You Remember Me
Joni Mitchell, Jericho

2. Who gave the best live performance you've ever seen?

Nine Inch Nails

3, Who gave the worst live performance you've ever seen?

Jefferson Starship

4. Do you have a favorite musician that might surprise people?

Prince (that surprises people I work with but not you guys)

5. Do you have a favorite musician that would embarass you?

Culture Club (Boy George has one of the best singing voices around)

6. Which two musicians do you want to have hot passionate sex with?

Tori Amos and Cindy Lauper

7. Which musicians have you been listening to most lately?

Old late sixties/early seventies bands. Zombies, Vanilla Fudge, Spooky Tooth, Strawberry Alarm Clock, and others whos names I can't think of right now.

8. Who did your parents listen to while you were growing up?

Dad: Bar juke box musicians like Roger Miller but his favorite singer was Mario Lanza
Mom: Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Trio Los Pancho, Neil Diamond (I turned her on to Neil)

9. Which musicians do people say to resemble?

I used to look like Danny Bonaduce of the Partridge Family. Now people tell me I look like Chris Isaak.

10. Who do you need to see live before you die?


10a. Who would you bring back from the dead for one performance?

Jimi Hendrix

11. Which musician do you find overrated?

Either of the Simpson broads and all those silly girls like them

12. What were your first three cassettes?

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young: Deja Vu
James Taylor: Sweet Baby James
One I made myself from my brother's records.

13. How many tunes are on your ipod?

No Ipod but I probably have 100 on the windows media player.

14. Name 5 obscure bands or musicians you think people should try?

Charly Garcia
Grillo Villegas

Those are Spanish musicians who I suggest to Spanish speakers.

Matthew Good
Big Sugar

Canadian bands I suggest to my American friends.

Pat Metheny

He isn't obscure but many of YOU don't have any of his stuff. He's probably the best guitar player on the planet and has won well over a dozen grammy awards. It's jazz and if I were to tell you to buy one of his CD's it would be Secret Story. I have bought ten copies and given them out as gifts.

15. Who did you initially really like that ended up putting out, what you thought, was shitty music?

Nickelback (The State is still one of my faves)
Elton John ( Captain Fantastic was his last good album)
The Eagles
Bruce Springsteen

16. Who do many people rave about as being good that just baffles you because their music makes you want to PUKE?


17. Say you could have a private concert with you and all your blogging friends. What band, who you thought most of them had never really heard, would you present with the goal of having the most amount of people tell you after that they really enjoyed the performance.

Little Feat

18. Why Little Feat?

My blogger buddies are all pretty down to earth people who like to enjoy a good time without having to critique or impress. Little Feat is perfect for that atmosphere.

Jefferson Starship put on a bad concert??? Say it isn't so!!! :)

You have great taste in music my friend. I saw Jann Arden live at the Rehearsal Hall on tv last night. She is the best.
I saw her too. I think I told you that I met her. TWICE. And I've eaten in her restaurant several times.

If you ever get to Calgary "The Arden" is on 17th Ave and if she's in town you stand a pretty good chance of running into her there.

Starship sucked. They got to rocking and then stopped and played the Elvin Bishop song "fooled around and fell in love" because Mickey Thompson had sung backup vocals on the recording.

Then they started rocking again to stop and play another bullshit pop song.

I was PISSED!!
I cleaned it up for you kiddo :)
i love Prince. What's strange about Prince?
And Boy George, i love him too. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I like him singing "Don't go" by Faithless, and that song, "The Crying Game".
I work with people who carry guns chloe. (except here in Canada) That's why they're suprised when I mention Prince.

My fave Boy George song is "Victims" of the "Colour By Numbers" album.
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