Monday, November 28, 2005

The weather in Canada....

sucks and all the weather broadcasters try as best as they can to put a positive spin on it. I'm sorry but the phrase "it's going to reach a high of minus five" is not a positive statement. If the word "minus" is in the weather broadcast the only people who are "high" are the people who live here. People like me.

I should be back in Arizona.

Here's the weather broadcast for the Tucson area today.

Holy shit people it's down to 32 damned degrees today for a low. That shiny stuff on your lawn will disappear in an hour or so and is nothing to be concerned about so please stop jamming the 911 switchboard.

It's going to get up to 65 later with a slight wind out of the east so don't forget to play one club higher for those approach shots on holes going into the east and one club less for the downwind par threes.

For godsake stay indoors tonight unless you have that heavy parka because it's going to hit the forties at about 10.

Now after the commercial break our medical expert will calm all those frostbite fears by demonstrating that here in most of Arizona that's only one of those so called urban legends. Then after that Larry will talk about sports OTHER THAN hockey.

I should be back in Arizona.

Waah! Hilarious.
Terrible weather. I would surely die in it.
the sun is out today. this being greece, it's not such big news. i'd love some awful weather once in a while.
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