Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tony Pierce gave me a link so I had to run out and get some chip and dip and liquid refreshments for the expected company.

Did I tell you that I met Tony? One of the nicer guys I've met and a pleasure to hang with once you get by his security entourage, his posse, and all the chicks.

I've met two actresses who have had the pleasure, or DISpleasure, of working with AHnold and each one of them told me that it is prohibited to look AHnold in the eyes while on the set. Tony's not like that You can look Tony in the eyes.

Prince came through the airport once and in order to say hello his security wanted to frisk me and I WAS IN UNIFORM. I met Tony while in plain clothes and with a simple "He's okay" from Tony, the bouncers smiled and let me by.

Thanks for the link bro.

any time my man

'jovis chicks aint shit
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