Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things I believed as a boy:

That the world ended at the tops of the mountains north of Tucson.

That radio broadcast live performances and their parking lots were filled with musicians waiting to get in.

That I could step off the back of a moving truck and stop without falling just like Bugs Bunny. (thank god the truck wasn't moving too fast)

That I could save all those baby birds that fell out of their nests.

That a mouse trap caught mice by the tail just like in the cartoons.

That dogs and cats were the same animal. Dogs were the males and cats were the females.

That Martians had landed in Sabino Canyon north of Tucson. (when the local station put on their version of War of the Worlds)

That is a totally awesome list, zona boy. Thanks!
ahah thats sweet.I used to believe my mum had a mall inside her belly and that inside statues existed people fighting.....and that i was aprincess coming from the moon and that i would turn into a wolf and that a war would destroy the world.....
I thought that shop mannikins were "mummies" and that the ones with arms left unattached were "broken mummies". Ok--I was quite young.
you are still a boy, you have kept the little boy alive, never mind the birds, though that was a sweet thought too. xx
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