Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday doings

I get up.
Rice Krispies.

Yes I download music. That's what I love about Canada today. You see, everytime you buy blank CD's or casettes or video you pay, as part of the price, a service charge that goes to the record industry and the movie industry because they won a court ruling that they should get the money based on the theory that you don't listen to blank CD's, casettes and you don't watch blank video. You record stuff on'em. THEIR stuff. The Canadian Courts have ruled that since these industries are AWARE that you are doing this and they COLLECT money during the purchase of blank CD's and casettes and video it CANNOT therefore be illegal to do what those industries are already aware that you are doing and have charged you money based on that assumption. (If that seems like bad grammar blame the lawyers not me)

It's a beautiful thing.

To continue with my day...

College football watching.
Don Cherry.
Jon Stewart.
I shower.
I get dressed. (by that I mean putting sweats and a different t shirt on)
I'm here with you.
I will eat dinner.
More TV.

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