Monday, November 28, 2005

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.....

is running out of bands and people who know anything about Rock and Roll. Today they announced the newest inductees.

Black Sabbath
Miles Davis
The Sex Pistols
Lynyrd Skynyrd

It's about time
For ONE album by a non-singer and three non-players?
Yeah, OK, she was hot
It's about time

People WORSHIP Miles Davis as a JAZZ great but if you toss him in there ya gotta toss Grover Washington Jr in there soon because Grover at least had a crossover hit. (just the two of us) If ya toss the Sex Pistols in there you gotta toss The Starland Vocal Band in there soon because both were as relevant. (NO kids. The RAMONES started punk and were the influence of the Sex Pistols)

The Sex Pistols was a good band like Marilyn Monroe was a good actress. Ya catch my connection there?

Now it's argument time.

Groups/People who should have been in there BEFORE three of this years inductees.

Todd Rundgren
Neil Diamond
Jethro Tull

Somebody's gonna stand up and say "zona, there's some standard about time". Well, Prince and U2 are both in and the five I named were around WAY before either of them. There's more to be named but I'll leave that up to you guys

I wouldn't know who was in and who was out. So I have no vote. Except for maybe you Zona.
my paranormal occultish powers told me you'ld say that
i don't follow the hall of anything because I'd personally just disagree anyways....all it is is someone's opinion anyway...who says they are right?
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