Sunday, November 27, 2005

On the road again.

With the recent death of my daughter's good friend I've decided to travel to Calgary next week to see her and her son and my son. It will be nice to see them again. Even though the wife is convinced that I will get off the plane and into a taxi to the casino then into another taxi to a strip club and then into another several taxis as me and an Irish friend or two or twelve hit the big pub on Crowchild which name escapes me right now.

Maybe the Flames will be in town.

Maybe it will snow.

Maybe the cops will pull me over and ask about the $$$ I owe them.

Maybe I won't pull over when they ask politely.

I get the occasional "fuck you cop assholes" wild streak in me.

I'm 47 but far from dead.

"Gee zona, you're going to party some and not spend every waking minute with the kids?"

That's right. Son and daughter both work and there is no room for me to stay with them without crashing on a musty couch and inhaling mold and dust and cat hair all night. Don't worry. I'll see enough of them to make us all feel better.

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