Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 13, 1995
How do they fit all that in a gas tank? blog

It's getting cold now and I've rotated to midnight shift. At least the kids are in school so I can sleep during the day. Wow, three of them go to the same elementary school. Jennifer in 6th grade, Danny in 4th and Ilsen is a first grader. Robert goes half days to the Early Learning Center and the teachers love him. He's a little hellion. Next month he'll be five.

Maggie is getting better every day. I'm glad I had the sick leave to use. The butcher that did the surgery will get his one day. God bless the nurse in Sierra Vista who put her foot down and got her transported to Tucson where they got those last two gall stones out. You don't know what frustration is until your wife cries in your arms because of the pain and there isn't shit you can do about it.

To see her smile and get about the house with more comfort every day is great.

I sent a Volkswagen beetle into secondary the other day and they pulled 40 kilos of cocaine out of false floor. That was pretty cool. The bricks were all greasy so they could slide them into the compartment.

I wish I could post some pics of some of the loads of weed we nail. It's all packaged like puzzle pieces to fit into gas tanks and looks really cool. I wonder if the dopers go to a guy who has patterns of tanks, say "do it like a 79 Cordova", hand him the weed and pick it up the next day all packaged and ready to go.

(explanation note: my wife had her gall bladder removed and a section of her "tubing" containing two large stones gave her trouble. It wasn't a close to dying thing. Just very painful)

wow, gull stones...glad maggie is better. all that dope. what is the deterant hey? you guys must just get sick of seeing vehicle after vehicle come over with dope...
Ouch. I had a haemerroid removed once. OUch.
Wow, I'm so sorry that Maggie was so ill. I hope she feels way better.

As for your comment on my blog with regards to a certain goalie of a certain hockey team coming through a certain homeland security gate - yes please tell him I'm a huge fan and tell him to go to my blog. (Is that lame??)
no it's not lame. I was gonna do that ANYWAY. I will tell you what they say.
Enjoyed a lot! »
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