Saturday, November 12, 2005

November 12, 1975
I was a teenage high school blogger

We lost the game last night but that's nothing new. Twelve of us went to Village Inn for pizza and I lusted after Karen all night like always. Then of course I chase after Becky when I really want Cindy. I don't know what it is about me.

John and I cruised Speedway for a couple of hours before calling it a night. Steve took his rechargable fire exchinguisher back last week so that fun's over for now.

Mrs. Robbins got on my butt yesterday for not reading Crime and Punishment. I hate to read. I held up the answers to the science test so Sarah could see them. Being a lab assistant in Earth Science is such a blast. Margot and Marcie keep flashing me cleavage so I will give them quiz answers. Margot says she's sorry that hers aren't as big as Marcie's but that's okay with me.

Me and Leroy are going down to fourth avenue to the used record store this afternoon. I have a date to go to the U of A game tonight with Kelly. That oughta be fun. Hers are bigger than Marcie's.

ah. Tell me about the smells of things around this time. That isn't from a real diary is it?
a diary full of boobs. that sounds real to me.
Keep up the good work »
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