Saturday, November 19, 2005

I've got me a big bag of Dove chocolates. Dove Promises. You open the wrapper and you read the promise inside. Kinda like fortune cookies. I don't read the promises. I just eat the chocolate and shit can the wrapper. That's kinda how I live my life. I don't read the warning label. I don't care about the prelim of a promise. Just give me the chocolate damnit.

Here, let me open another but this time I'll read you what it says.

The best holiday decoration is a smile

See there? Is that some kinda bullshit or what? Here's another.

Love is always the perfect gift

Scuse me while I puke. I try to give that gift away all the time but I get no takers because too many women want commitment along with it. They're never satisfied. Last one.

Always give from the heart

Yeah right, then they TAKE from the wallet.

I love Dove chocolates.

Smiley heads are happy heads.
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