Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Immigration 101

So here's the deal. W don't know shit about immigration.

Here's my take on the latest push for this so called guest worker program.

It MUST include a road to permanent legal residency and citizenship.

Here is the REAL reason that the govt doesn't want that. The reason they will NEVER tell you or me. The Amnesty Program came into being in 1986. Those who could prove certain conditions such as a certain amount of time living and working in the United States were able to go through a process that led to them being granted legal permanent residence and eventually citizenship. It ended up costing billions and was wracked with fraud. There are STILL cases making their way through the courts. Challenges to decisions and so forth. MOST of those who benefited through amnesty were low wage earners. The bottom rung. The silent underground that still exists today of the exploited uneducated migrant.

So here's the rub. THOSE people who got their permanent legal status, or "green card" through amnesty got OFF the bottom rung and got better jobs, bought houses, immigrated the rest of their families because of an addition of the amnesty act that allowed them to do so, and began to live something called the American Dream. Many of their kids are attending college. Many of them are now very successful business people.

So guess what? Business needed more bottom rungers to fill the gaps and they found them by the millions because I don't know if you pay attention but it sucks to live in Latin America if you're poor.

Now this guest worker program that many in govt are pushing for will allow those illegal aliens who can prove they are behaving and paying taxes to get a legal visa to work for three years. Then they MIGHT be able to renew it for another three giving them a total of six years. THEN they must get out. They MUST LEAVE the United States. Pull the kids out of school. Sell everything. Oh don't worry though. They only have to stay out one year before they can apply to get back in IF there's a job for them. Because you see that's the good thing about Latin America in the eyes of American business.

It's just overflowing with bottom rungers

Nicely written.

I don't find many people talking about the recent Phoenix PD admission that 60-80% of crime in the Valley can be tied directly or indirectly to illegal immigrants.

AFAIK, this figure doesn't take into account the millions of dollars lost every year (month?) by hospitals due to illegals skipping out on their bills (or the number of emergency rooms that have had to close their doors).
Eff the government. Bunch of spoiled rich babies from the start.
Well-stated, binsk. All of them are exactly the same. Even the poor, hard-working ones who worked their way up to gummint whoredom.
If they really wanted to, the Phoenix PD could attribute 80% of crime to the lunar phases too.
If you're gonna lie... make it good.
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