Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I know it's egotistical but since there have been pics of me posted on this blog and many others lately I thought I'd post a pic of me that I actually liked. Kinda like an opposing editorial viewpoint. This was a self portrait taken at the house I grew up in. My posts from Tucson were certainly what I thought were my best writing to date on this blog.

Wow you loook like some serious dude there. ouch. No shooting visitors at the airport y'hear?
Very good picture of you!! :D
I don't think it's egotistical at all, it's nice to put a face to the name...I guess I've missed the other pics of you?

Anyway you do look very nice and chill in that picture. Pensive is that the word?
thank you ladies
this is how i thought you'd look like, maybe a bit older because you always go on about being older than other bloggers when in fact you are just a kid Zona BOY
i agree with binsk...just look at my blog...its pictures galore!

you look very good in your picture...never hesitate to put up more!!!
ah but smelly, your pics are part of the reason I go to your blog. is it getting warm in here? lol

I'll toss more up if I get good ones. I'm pretty protective of my image.

you have an image???

shut up you!
"you have an image?"

"Shut up, you!"


(Wait a minute, you don't have a wedgie do you? 'Cause that would be too scandalous!) ;)
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