Monday, November 14, 2005


My name was hiloyo and I am a recovering internet chatter and I'm making steps to recovery everyday.

I bought my first computer in 1998 and soon found my way onto a site called Coolchat. Coolchat had several "rooms" and I became a regular in the "40 something" room.

Soon I was ((hug))ing and LOLing and ROTFing late into the night with people called Brie and Midnight and Saranita and Zaphod and more in what was a regular group. I was even "private messaging" from time to time but not too much.

Then the hackers came. Hackers could shut down the room and some of us would bounce over to ICQ where if you had speakers you were alerted to a new message by a UT OH sound. I hear ICQ is still going but Coolchat shut down some time ago when everybody discovered instant messaging on MSN.

I met two of my fellow chatters. One as I passed thru the Dallas airport and one who lives in Vancouver. But alas the wheels of time move and you wake up with a blog and chatting is just something that was so long ago.

i love chatting. not in chat rooms though. these are scary. and i think msn-icq etc go very well with blogging
that reminds me of my old "hotelchat" days and the geocities chat rooms even before then. how embarassing!
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