Sunday, November 20, 2005

Elton John's band on Rock of the Westies

I just watched Elton John on the Actor's Studio or what ever that show is called and everybody always fawns over Candle In The Wind as his "best" song. I'm sorry kids but it isn't even in my top ten fave Elton John songs. Here they are in no particular order.

Where to now St Peter
Take me to the pilot
The king is dead
Feed me
Madman across the water
Sixty years on
Burn down the mission
Love lies bleeding
Someone saved my life tonight

I could probably list ten more before I got to Candle in the wind.

Two Elton John albums you should buy BEFORE Goodbye Yellow Brick Road even though I consider it the 70's best album.

Tumbleweed Connection
Rock of the Westies

He can't hit the high notes of Tumbleweed Connection which is why he doesn't play it and he doesn't have that tight band that he had on Rock of the Westies. He said in an interview long ago that the band on Rock of the Westies was his best band.

Candle in the Wind isn't close for me either. It's kinda crappy actually, but it was a nice tribute to first Marilyn and second Diana.

I love most of his stuff though.
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