Friday, November 18, 2005

Drive west on Sunset to the sea
Turn that jungle music down
Just until we're outta town

I've been trying to figure how to put that into a post and make some cool remark so it makes sense but I can't so I put it here because nothing makes sense right now.

Just like the reason that baseball bat is on the floor by the bed.

The wife says I was swinging at what I said were giant dragonflies last night but I don't remember. Just like I didn't remember that I was out of nyquil yesterday and forgot to toss a fresh bottle in the cart at Target.

Just like the first thing I ate this morning was a twinkee because the kids finished off the cupcakes.

I love to freak out my wife by shoving an entire twinkie in my mouth. She stops looking at me now when I reach for the box.

I DID buy two yoyos at Target yesterday, Talk about hours of fun! I got an orange butterfly that sleeps really good and a purple regular model that I do my loops with. Now the kids want more since I've announced that these two are going in the box that I'm sending down to Bolivia.

I also bought Madagascar on DVD to send down. I haven't seen it yet and will watch it before I go to bed so I don't have the same Clockwork Orange like dream where my eyes were fixed open and Matt Good was on the screen in scrubs and a surgeon's mask explaining the evils of Internet Explorer to me while the Barney theme played on and on and on.

I gotta shake this head cold.

Good luck the the headcold. Drink tea.
I live right off of Sunset and have driven west to the sea.
I saw a cat once that had swallowed a bea.
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