Monday, November 21, 2005

Bush misspeaks in Mongolia

President Bush was caught grasping for explanations over what occurred when he was unaware that a microphone was on as he greeted monks and children in Mongolia.

Bush to aide: "These look like happy people. I bet there's not one insurgent in the whole bunch".

Aide: "you're right sir. You're always right".

Bush to aide: "So why didn't we invade HERE? HERE'S where we would have been greeted with flowers"!

Aide: "Because the Chinese would have kicked our asses Mister President".

Bush to aide: "Good point. Remind me to give you a raise when we get back home".

Press spokesmen for the President were quick to point out that the President and this aide always joke around and that this particular aide is known as the "we're just kidding around aide" and not one of President Bush's "we're damned serious aides".

If Bush had a sitcom, I'd tape it for my friends, but never watch it.
It's almost a sitcom now
Sounds like lemon-aide.
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