Thursday, October 06, 2005

windscreen fly said...
I bet your computer can't understand women though! Once they devise one of them...I'm first in the queue.

That's a comment from the post where I said I was getting a rad new internet surfing muscle car (or computer if you prefer)

I just thought to myself.

Why would I want to understand women?

The best part of the interaction is trying to figure them out. Trying to nail them down to something specific is like chasing them around a tree. Joyous hours of looking at each other, darting left and right in a silly form of dance with both hands on the tree. What a treat you women are to me.

I am off the market so to speak but I am an incurable flirt who likes to see if I can get that certain look in your eye. That look that says "kiss me, take me, show me that there's magic in this life because there's too many who don't know how". When I achieve that I tell the lady that when she feels that way again she'll know that he's one of the good ones.

I'm a romantic who would look down on a woman as she was lying on a picnic blanket in the middle of a forrest meadow. Me with the blade of long grass in my mouth and the breeze in my face.

Women make me feel young again. Not that I feel old really but just that in my advancing years I've come to appreciate what women are.

Wonderful enigmas.

I love that women are a mystery. Even to other women, trust me. They are never quite as black and white as one would like them to be.
finally, a post about women that i can appreciate. aah :)
long live color!

thank you krista.
Wish there were more men as romantic as you!
and if you saw me you'ld wish I was in better shape. LOL
Goddam how do these other women get to be so young?????? (something in the water?)

Another perfect post. :)
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