Monday, October 24, 2005

A white cross
Faded plastic flowers
On a two lane road through the desert
I pass by toward the horizon
I wonder where my cross will be
Which will be my road home
Where will the road lead them
After they've placed plastic flowers
Where my spirit faded

When you see those road side markers it makes one wonder....
Did you write that? It's very intense and moving.
Very nice. But the spirit fading seems a little too reticent for you. It would explode, perhaps?
Yes I wrote that.

I kinda think my spirit would fade because of the joy of this life. The suprise of the unknown and overcoming bumps in the road. A new day every day.

There are two possibilities in my mind of what there is after death.

1) The religious view of heaven or hell where things would be eternally constant because of a perfect knowledge and therefore inability to commit error. Monotonous repetition.

2) Nothing
wow! i like that a lot!
Ah! But the inability to commit error might not lead to monotony. Think MacBeth, whom, from what I heard last night, had every right to kill Duncan as a strategic move to the throne. "Error" depends on context then.
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