Friday, October 07, 2005

What wonderful timing for this post. I really must stop putting these kind of things up but maybe just this last one. I was at work today dealing with bozos and posers and yoyos when I was surprised to see an old friend standing there. Someone I had not seen in almost two years.

Donna is a beautiful woman who is always dressed perfectly. Her clothes just sit on her form so nice and her long brunette hair was straight today. She smiled and opened her arms and the hug was heaven. A close embrace that sent her perfume into my soul and my spirit into orbit. Donna is,


Do not go to the dictionary to look the word up because that definition applies to things and we all certainly know that alluring women are not things. They are entire worlds.

An alluring woman stops your breath and sends it away until you heart catches it and puts it back. An alluring woman is not somebody you date, she's somebody you woo. That means foreplay starts at dinner as you admire the way she closes her lips on the fork and pulls it out so you know how to do it just right as you let her taste your dessert from your fork. Find a restaurant with a dance floor because you dance with an alluring woman. One hand softly on the small of her back as the other holds hers. She will rest her head on your chest as a reward for knowing how to offer your dessert. And it is a reward because her hair is so soft and smells so nice.

She looks at you and she means it. There are no other thoughts in her head but you and that is when you touch her hand at the table. Her smile makes you think that this cannot be happening because these things only happen in the movies. And you hear violins when there's no violin player and the sun never quite sets. It just rests on the horizon filling your soul with shades of violet and amber and turquoise.

You embrace an alluring woman by sliding your open hands on her waist and move them to her back pulling her toward you until your lips meet. Your right hand moves up to her soft hair and all else vanishes.

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