Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wanna follow along?

Places I've been to here that have web sites.

Google away.

El Charro Mexican restaurant. Good green corn tamale. Not good chile relleno. They ship some menu items ANYWHERE. Opened in Tucson in 1922.

Zia Record Store. Great used record store with cool novelties.

Hotel Congress. If you come to Tucson and you are hip you must stay here. Great art deco hotel opened in 1919. Club Congress hosts some of the best indy groups that blow through town. Matchbox 20 and Tonic played here when they were just starting. Lots of others like them who have gone on to big things. The Suicide Girls burlesque show was there a week before I got to town. :(

El Charro? Does that mean "charred"? Do Mexicans make the food there?
i googled Hotel Congress it looks lovely. Checked prices too and they are okay. So I only have to book the tickets now
Well thank you for the inside scoop kind sir.
not only have I been to El Charro (you should have had the carne seca...yummmm) but have also danced the night away at Club Congress!!
A "Charro" is a Mexican cowboy. The guys with the big sombreros.

I've never been a carne seca fan.

Carne seca or dry meat is like a shreaded jerky.

Hotel Congress is a really cool place chloe. I'm going in there with my camera so you'll see more pics when I get home.
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