Sunday, October 30, 2005

Random weekend in Tucson doing nothing going nowhere thoughts.

I was going to log off and go watch TV but mom put her ice skating recorded video in so I thought I'd update before asking her to make my usual eggs and bacon breakfast.

On the subject of Halloween nightmares I had a dream where this hot young lady was naked and told me to go for it. My first thought was of grabbing a condom. All the modern fears in dreamland. My second thought was that the wife would walk in because she was near. That is SUPPOSED to make the moment more exciting, that thought of getting caught in the act but all I could think of was alimony and half my retirement gone.

But then I thought to myself "self, this is a hot 20ish naked tanned girl telling you to have at it and you're a 47 year-old golfer's tanned slightly overweight dude. HAS to be a dream!" So of course I overcame my fear and went for it.

OH MY GOD!! I just remembered that we had some of the best Chinese take-out that I have EVER eaten last night from a place way out east on Harrison between Broadway and 22nd (in case you get to town someday) so who needs bacon and eggs?

I'm outta here

You're hilarious.

And I can't believe you just wrote "Oh my God!"

You're reading too much Voix de Michele.

it's the hat. a song about a hat.

It was delicious Jen
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