Saturday, October 01, 2005

POST 200.........

is about sports.


After jumping out to a 21-3 half time lead my Arizona State Sun Devils fell to those sonbitch Trojans from USC 28-38. Oh well, USC IS ranked #1 and undefeated. I HATE the Trojans. I HATE their lame ass band but their CHEERLEADERS are year in and year out the most well endowed cheerleaders in all of college sports.

The only time I cheer for USC is when the play teams I hate more like Notre Dame or any of the Florida schools or Oklahoma.

I dunno if Arizona plays tonight but the Wildcats are a work in progress. Of course that progress has been going on for a couple of generations now. Of course Arizona BASKETBALL is the best program in the states. Duke, North Carolina, U Conn, Syracuse, and all the others are just wannabes

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