Friday, October 28, 2005


So we drive up to Phoenix because I'm trying to get a hold of a friend who plays for the Coyotes. I would be unsuccesfull but that's okay.

Phoenix is HUGE now. We drive half way to Los Angeles before we get to my aunt's house in Peoria. Yesterday I get out by myself and end up at a trendy mall in Scotsdale looking for my fave restaurant. Holy shit the women in this mall. MONEY is the word that describes them. They are wearing jeans and tops from famous designers and look like they all just had their hair done and the bandages were removed from their faces and breasts not too long ago.

I like these Phoenix women because you can flash some bling and get them to your room at the Biltmore where you proceed to play rodeo rider comes to town before slipping out to dress in the elevator while she's in the shower thinking she's in love with some guy named Todd who's really Dan in the elevator making a clean getaway. Hell, hookers in Phoenix charge 3 bills an hour and the Biltmore is 2 fifty so it's like I had a coupon for 50 bucks off.

I know I know this isn't the poetry but Phoenix is too damned superficial.

Then on the way home I take the exit that goes right through downtown Tucson and mom says "you wanna eat at El Minuto"? Dumb question. How dumb? I'm in the far left lane and I gotta turn right at THIS intersection so the skreeching of tires as I cut off a limosine that's following a hearse because it's a funeral and I careen up onto the sidewalk to miss the lady in the crosswalk but end up taking out three people on the sidewalk but that's cool because they're only frikking snowbirds anyway and the cop on the motorcycle stopping traffic in the intersection for the funeral gives me the thumbs up as I yell EL MINUTO out the window.

Lunch at El Minuto, as always, was magnificent!!

I'll post pics of lots of this stuff when I get home to my scanner.

Wish you were here,


PS. Today is Susan Friesenhahn birthday. Just wanna say that I was think of you and hoped you would google your name sometime.


the way you describe it, it's like a road movie!
So the people in Phoenix have money? Who knew...
Watch out for those bats in the desert.
that would be my life were I single and had money chloe.

money, traffic, and world class smog jenny.

I'm more worried about the friends of the six foot long rattlesnake I saw on the golf course Jen.
I hear there are crocs on the African golf courses. Nice.
Hey Zona Boy:
I just read some of your notes. Please read the one in Aug. 30,2005 I responded to your e-mail.
Muchos Saludos!
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