Monday, October 17, 2005

My desert soul awakens

I walked this morning through the streets of my youth listening to the sounds and feeling familiar breezes. I spot large black ants marching across my path and instinctively look for the entrance to their hill. I do this on the chance of spotting a horned lizard but there are only ants.

In the warm evening the full moon rises and is helplessly concealed by clouds as I hear the distant rumblings of a storm that soon is above the house. Lightning and thunder and when I stand in the front doorway a bolt streaks down one block over and the instant explosion jolts me into a wide smile.

The rain pounds the roof that covered me like a symphony celebrating me home. One hour later I am looking at the full moon again as the flash and the boom has moved on. Perhaps to welcome yet another wanderer.

I wish you could bottle the smell of the thunderstorm for me. I miss that the most.
Hell of a storm yesterday,Monday. Lightening hit a palm tree outside of Old Main on the UofA campus, quite a site. Turned to see about 15 kids all holding up their cell phones to take pictures of the flaming palm!

Dense clouds today, more rain on the way. Yee-haw!

Desert Rat-
beautifully described!I love the smell and sound of rain, where I live now, it never rains, and I miss green landscapes!
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