Sunday, October 16, 2005

It's 10AM. I fly at 2PM which means I gotta be at the airport at 12:30ish. I haven't showered or even BEGUN to pack.

It's great to be a guy.

Now I get to go downstairs, grab my golf clubs and the bag they fit in and bring them upstairs. I put the clubs in one side and fill the other with 3 pairs of pants, assorted t shirts, a collared shirt or two, and ALL my clean underwear and socks.

Then I grab a back pack out of my closet. I put all my carry on crap in it. My CD player, camera and zoom lens, film, assorted stones to show my silversmith in Tombstone, golf balls for my father's grave (I explained that once so you'll have to find it in the archives) and whatever last minute crap I find.

Then I shower.

All that will take me about ten minutes.

On a side note I just found out last night that my best friend is coming up from Bolivia with his band to play a show in Vancouver when I get back. They play Andean traditional music. I am SO stoked. I'm not sure of the date but it might be the same night that I was going to see Matt Good. If that's the case, Matt loses. I really want to see Matt but it aint even close. They'll only play the one show here then fly to Montreal for one show. Savia Andina is the name of the band.

I'm off for the town of my birth so in case I don't see ya before the 3rd when I return,

Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

Have a fantastic time!
Enjoy yourself.

I bet one reason it's great to be a guy is that you get to play with yourself in the shower.
It's adjustable!
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