Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Is my salvation assured? (raw unfinished)

I have seen the answer to my prayers
Only to know it came too late
I have felt the spirit
In very temporal things

The only thing I know for sure
Is that the lights go out
The only thing I hope
Is that I like what I see
When they come back up

I have heard someone say "give me a child until the age of seven and I'll tell you what he's going to believe".

I am

I believe beauty
To be feminine in nature
I believe love to be
The constant struggle

Some see life as passing phase
But right now
Right here
I fear it's all that is
So I race it to the finish line

I heard someone say "knowledge is an upside down funnel. The small opening at the top that you believe is the goal, only leads to another upside down funnel".

Dr Phil

I see prophets
Who lead us away
I see the core of us
As the road home

Some go forth and seek knowledge
I let it find it's way
Here to me
I'm not an intelligent man
But perhaps less afraid.

i believe most of this too. And i also believe that knowledge makes us free although it is always limited. On the other hand, prophets of any kind tie us down. I think morals should be independent of prophets and religion. then we can be "less afraid" as you say.
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