Friday, October 07, 2005

Is it me or is the moon full or what?

Cruising the blogosphere and are people ever in a weird mood. Pissy, Cocky, PMSy on and on. Of course I've changed my blog's name twice so who am I to say anything.

Let me take you through my day today.

3:30 the alarm goes of and I let loose my first "F" word.
Shower, shave.
Downstairs to watch sports highlights.
4:20 put shoes on and go out the door.
I gazed up at the clear night and waited for something to move.
4:25ish a falling star. Very cool.
Drive to work with Tori Amos singing to me.
Walk in from the parking lot
Into the office
log in
5:00AM we start and I whisper 2nd F word

The endless stream of morons ensues. Some highlights

A couple going to Palm Springs to rock climb. I think to myself, "bourbon on the rocks" and I make a mental note to tell all of you that when to rock climb in the southwest be very careful where you put your hands. Rattlesnakes love to bag the rays on nice rocky ledges.

Donna makes her appearance. (see below post on alluring)

Some dumbass broad makes fun of my name tag because she thinks it's my first name when it's my last name. "Is that really your name? hee hee" I look at her last name. "is your name really Thomas"? It flies right buy her and I hit her with the "ice pick between the eyes" "It's my LAST name lady". "oh". It happens a lot because my last name is a not so common FIRST name for girls.

A couple and their daughter going to San Diego to watch the Steelers play the Chargers. He paid $350.00 a piece for the tix.

Bryan Adams' stage manager. Good conversation. I didn't know Bryan lived in London.

An Aussie from one of my favorite Aussie towns. Wagga Wagga.

12:50 I leave skid marks leaving work and drive home to Tori's singing.

Ok, my first visit here, and already I am addicted. How can I not be when you name tumbleweed connection as a favorite album!

It's on my list, too!
e-mail me a picture so i can put it on my blog panel please and thanks


oceanarias at
3:30 am??!!! I complain about having to get up at 6:30am!! How you do it is beyond me
Hey! We might have the same last name. My last name is a girl's name too!
will do krista. gimme a few days
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