Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If the government says it isn't racist, it's lying

The U.S. Government just announced a new visa category. It's called an E3. Here's how it works. A citizen of a certain country goes to any American Consulate in that country and applies for it by showing a job offer letter from a company in the United States and a four year college degree and gets the visa if that visa officers thinks it's legit. Once that person gets the visa it's off to the U.S. to work. The individual is admitted for a two year period and can renew the visa INDEFINITELY and at any U.S. Consulate anywhere. There is no numerical limitation on the number of visas issued. The visa holder's family can come with and attend school or work.

A week or so earlier the U.S. Government announced another new visa category. It's called an H2R (something like that) Here's how it works. The individual has initially been granted a three year work status in the United States. Once the first 3 years is up the individual MUST return to his/her country of birth to APPLY for another three year work visa. IF the visa is granted that individual may return to work for three more years. Once THAT three years is up the individual must leave the United States. Six years max.

Now allow me to ask you a question. Give me your best guess.

One of the visa categories applies to Australians. The other applies to Mexicans.

Which applies to Mexicans?

damn, that is some bullshit. the sad part is that my ears perked at the first option because i know someone, but then a bummer hit. i dont think i can support a policy that discriminates. i hope a bigger, more friendly story comes to us. rephrase that: ive always hoped...
Excellent, love it! » »
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