Saturday, October 01, 2005

I went to have sushi tonight and took my son and his friend down to the Rickey's restaurant in the same complex of my sushi place. The sushi was fabulous as it always is and I went over to Rickey's to see about the boy. He was seated at a table with about six or seven guys and five or six very good looking blonde girls his age.

My son (at 14 he's our youngest) is pretty even keeled. He's a mellow kid who just made his school's junior soccer team as the goalie.

This is not the first time I have seen him encounter very cute girls. Last Halloween two came to the door in costume and asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating. Then there was the time we were in the mall and two cute girls came up to him and said hello.

He seems pretty shy about it but at least I know he isn't the loser I was at his age. At 5'8" he's three inches taller than I was and I bet he's got 25 more pounds than I did.

That's my boy!

25 more pounds than you? Are they Pounds Stirling? Perhaps he ought to move to Britain?
actually he wants to move to Japan so he can get the playstation 3 when it comes out there first.
Hahaha! Well then, cute girls or not, it seems he has his priorities straight.
How cute!

They sure are growing them bigger these days. :)
Just so you know, I thought about you today as I was driving to meet friends... rockin out to Nine Inch Nails...
"There is no f*cking you! There is only me!! Only...Only"
I'm touched. I can't get a Nine Inch Nails tune outta my head but it's the slow one they performed while a movie played on the transparent curtain around the stage.
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