Saturday, October 15, 2005

I met Canadian recording artist Biff Naked at the airport today. She looks all mean here but let me tell you that she's a real sweetheart. She was at the American Airlines counter because she is going to send her "babies" down to Texas with an assistant while she heads to New York to begin a 70 gig U.S. tour.

Her "babies" are her two very cute dogs. She just had to show me the pictures. Two adorable white fluff balls. One is a Bishon (sp) and the other is a mix.

We talked for what must have been 20 minutes and I was VERY suprised to hear that she makes almost no money when she tours the U.S.. It's more of a "get your act more exposure" kinda thing.

I told her that I wish her all the best of luck. She had some hits up here in Canada as my Canadian readers know.

Whatever you think of her music just know that she is a VERY VERY nice lady.

I forgot to mention that she got a kick out of me because I walked up to her in uniform and politely said, "Miss Naked, so nice to see you".
I saw her here in Niagara last month and she kicked ass. She has a ton of good songs & albums behind her and i hope she finally breaks out in the U.S.
i ran across ur blog... please tell me how to wrap text. thanks!
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