Saturday, October 01, 2005

I held the book so tightly in my hands
saw your picture
heard you call my name
There was something strange
I could not look away
I wanted to be there
I wanted to go

Good morning boys and girls. Be comment number six with the group and the album that song is on and win a prize.

I'll give you a hint. It came out in 1980 and the radio played it pretty often.

So how are you this morning? Rested? Or are you like me a few years ago? Up all night and just getting to the point where sleep was beginning to be viable? Or not too long ago where I was grabbing golf clubs and heading out the door.

At THIS time and place for me it's a day off Saturday morning and I know we're out of Sugar Pops and Fruit Loops so it's downstairs for a can of coke and the sofa to watch the news and complain that no college football games are on yet.

I don't care who's playing but I won't watch Notre Dame.

Now it's time to go mess with bloggers.

What? You want another hint? OK, here it is from the same album but a different song.

The trees and I are shaken by the same winds but whereas
the trees will lose their withered leaves
I just can't seem to let them loose.

I feel like pulling a Virginia Wolfe and walking into the ocean, but at least I have this to ponder over. It's killing me, because I remember those lyrics.......
"Behind the lines" by Phil Collins.
Oh bollocks, I'm only number two.
Oh Claire. That's only half right!! Keep calling!!
The album is called Duke, the second lyrics are from "Healthaze".
Man, I fucking love google.
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