Friday, October 07, 2005

I forgot to mention the soundtrack to an alluring woman post.

Billy Cobham


from the album Crosswinds

The album is LONG ago out of print but I have found this tune online at a certain file sharing site who's name has a type of citrus fruit in the title. It might be hard to find. I haven't looked in a while. Crosswinds came out in 1976.

I found the song on limewire by entering crosswinds in the album block.

FYI the rest of the album doen't sound anything like this song.

Best enjoyed with the lights down low.
For some reason your mention of Billy Cobham reminded me of a live version of "endless night" by Return to Forever. I used to listen to RTF and Cobham back in High School (late 80's) and I've been trying to find that track again ever since. No luck so far...
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