Sunday, October 02, 2005

I bow yet again to a request from a woman

Women who glow

I am by all accounts and admissions a red blooded American male. At times I am very self centered and chauvinistic. I LOVE women. Woman is my preferred of the two sexes. Woman is my life and my downfall. When I see a woman who glows I turn to yearning mush so let me tell you about them.

Just this past week a woman came up to me at work. I would guess that she weighed between 250 and 300 hundred pounds. She was absolutely beautiful. Her eyes lit up and in turn lit me up. She was dressed and made up impeccably and had an aura of confidence that spread outward from a beautiful soul. I was smitten.

A woman who glows is one who you want to dance around the room in big circles as her dress flows and the music plays. A woman who glows is a spirit that knows it's beauty. A spirit that does not rely on the world to hold it to any definition. A woman who glows strolls through a spiritual forest and birds follow with song. You can live in her eyes because it's within them that you see that everything is going to be OK.

They come in all sizes these women that glow. They don't walk, they flow. It's all in the inner spirit. Maybe it's my age, maybe it's that I'm an old soul and can see into women better than others. Maybe I'm just a dirty old man but I don't think so because I have seen women with incredible bodies that didn't impress me at all. Flat spirits looking for pretty boy morons of which there are plenty.

Give me a conversation please. Make me laugh. Meet me half way in us. Find me as having the same worth as I find in you. Be the pursuer and then tease me into pursuing. I'm a romantic spirit. Feed me those proverbial grapes. Allow us to sit silently until our breathing and our heartbeats echo around us.

A woman who glows can do that with one hand tied behind her back.

Now if I could only teach the glowing women how to spot the man deserving of them. I hear too much that a man can get away with treating a woman like shit and they'll stick around. You girls need to stop that noise. Look inside and find your beauty then draw it out and never submit to second rate losers.

Mike is like that. A boy that glows. Well a 60 year old boy, really and truly. He's not a happy one though -- went to see Cinderella Man yesterday and found it propagandistic for the wrong side. IK!

But when he's not so mpish, THEN he glows.
mopish I said.
I'm glowing right now. :)

That was a beautiful post. I'm going to pretend I'm the woman from your office and smile for the rest of the evening.
That movie didn't appeal to me. I want to see The Constant Gardiner but I'm lazy about going to the movies.
movies are visited by strange folk anyways. Yesterday at the movies we also saw a sign that said:

"In order to sit here you must have a ticket and be aged"

thank god for DVD
I hope that one day, I will find a man who thinks of me as a woman who glows.
Thanks for the post. I knew I would love it :)
I'd have to see you. I don't know that young men really recognize it like us old farts do. I've told most that I thought they did. Of course they go their way and I stay mine.
Glowing women date dull losers because they ask.
that was the answer my hot hot cousin gave me when I asked about the loser she married, divorced, and the loser she married who ended up in jail.

that's why I said "be the pursuer"
This is the best Taco Stand post EVER. How great. How eloquent.

Well said Zona boy.
very similar to how I think...but unbelievably well written. Thank you!
That was just beautiful. See, I knew there was a reason I loved men.
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