Monday, October 03, 2005

Dubyah picks a rookie to start game 7 of the World Series.

Right after Forrest Gump says, "I'm not a smart man" I can pick up and say "but I know what a judge is".

The woman who Bush has selected for his next Supreme Court nominee has never served on any bench, anywhere.

Oh sure, she's a lawyer and all and was Prez of the Texas State Bar Assc but she has never been a judge.

That's the equivalent to me of Joe Torre (mgr of the Yankees) grabbing a kid the organization drafted after graduating high school and who spent his entire first year in single A ball riding busses to games in towns with names like Bumfuck or Smegma or Pleasantville or Dumptserhaven. A guy with maybe a .500 record against kids who will never get into major league stadiums without a ticket. And now here's Joe Torre handing this kid the baseball and pointing to the pitcher's mound in a sold out Yankee stadium for the game that will decide a finality to the season.

The crowd, most of the Yankee players and for that matter the OTHER team are all in unison going WHAT THE FUCK????

And that's my political take for the week.

Just when you think the unreal bullshit is winding down with this administration he balls up with something even more incrediblly insane.
Haven't you heard: Deity works in mysterious ways. Now kill me your son. Um...

The emergency service appointment worked out just the way it was supposed to didn't it?
the what? I'll kill the boy after he takes out the trash.
oh that's a shame -- trash tainted hands, right when I was hungry.
He let in 4 goals today. Two he clearly should have had but he's just a 9th grader. He'll get better.

I used to coach soccer AND ref so I have to be careful with how I try to teach him.
Dude, stop making fun of our fearless leader's (in)ability to make good choices.

Bwahahahahaha, just kidding...commence...
If you trace her connections you'll find a husband/brother/sister making major contributions thru w's career;
her various appointments in Texas the kind of cronyism we instantly recognize in Al Capone's town. The advantage is she will reliably do everything she is told. Comparable to nominating Florida's Katherine Harris. The worst kind of corruption imaginable.
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