Tuesday, October 04, 2005

ANOTHER experiment

I was looking at my hit meter because I'm insecure and need to measure some kind of hopefull acceptance when I noticed that I was receiving hits from people searching certain words on various search engines. Some of them were quite bizarre so I figured I'd give this a whirl.

Today's "bait" words









Kung Pao Chicken


Feel free to play along.

I got some wierd one's too:

you call me eccentric

feeling kinda lonely right now

my sexy toes

Oh and of course the XXX rated ones:

voy pussy cousin OR stepmom OR aunt -lesbian -gay -mrdouble -usenet -jiggly

Hmmmm....did I write an erotic post and forget about it??
I certainly hope not.
I have great fun checking out the google hits that sent traffic my way. I've had people come to when they've been searching:

Hyper-trophied breasts

Rocki Roads Porn.

Coquette Lingerie

The only cowbody in Rochdale

Mexican princess

The more porn sites I write about the better my daily hits from Google! :)
I found your blog this way. Hope you're not mad. I've been wondering how to tell you for the very reason you state in the post above this one. I've gotten to know you so much better and you're great. I really hope you're not mad. If you don't want me to read anymore just tell me and I won't.
what's a bodaggit?
You are the most ostentatious and stereotypical kung pao chicken that I have ever seen in Oklahoma!

How do you do it?

Do you have tits?
by all means blutigres I'm glad you're hear and flattered you like what you read.

It just struck me funny (odd and spooky maybe a better term) one time when I saw somebody had hit me by searching "bound daughter sex".

Julie, a bodaggit is a piece of shit that clings near a dog's ass by being stuck to hair from the tail.
No I don't Jennifer. But I DID stay at a holiday inn last night!! LOL
a bodaggit? On Australian sheep they are called dags.
Best regards from NY! »
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