Tuesday, September 20, 2005

YES YES YES. My Matt Good tix arrived in the mail today. The same day that "In a Coma" is released. I have to wait to listen to it and watch the videos because I bought signed copies off the web site and they're shipping them today.

This will be the fourth time I see Matt in concert. I'm a big fan since first hearing him in Calgary in '99. I will always be stumped as to why he is not bigger in the U.S. than he is. People ask me who I would compare him to sound wise and I say "nobody". He just puts out great grown-up rock and roll.

If you don't know who he is check out his website and listen to his tunes and get educated to his politics. http://matthewgood.net and http://inacoma.ca to check out his box set compilation of tunes and videos.

woooohoooo. it'll be awesome.
Enjoyed a lot! » » »
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